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Henderson Justice Court Department 1

As some of you may know, I am seeking to continue my commitment to our city by serving as Henderson Justice Court Judge for Department 1. For the past 26 years, the City of Henderson has become more than just the place where I live and work.  It has become my home, my community, and my extended family. Since moving to Henderson in 1996 to join Mayfield & Associates, which has had a few different incarnations but is now Mayfield & Gruber, I have been proud to zealously represent the people of our city.  With the vacancy of the Henderson Justice Court Department 1 seat, some judges, police officers, and courthouse employees approached me about running for the position because of my qualifications and experience, appearing and arguing every type of case that would come before the Henderson Justice Court.

Henderson has been great to me and my family. My wife, Joyce, and I have been married for 23 years and have had the great pleasure watching our two great boys grow up in this city.  Our oldest son is a graduate of UNLV, and his younger brother is a recent graduate of THE Ohio State University.  Both boys graduated from Bartlett Elementary, Greenspun Middle School and Green Valley High School.  Our boys’ participation in school and local sports spurred my passion for civic service. I started with volunteering to coach their teams and eventually served on the board of our local little league.  I proudly served Legacy Little League for 3 years.  We became further involved in community service when my youngest wanted to donate time at the local animal shelter.  I joined him in this project on several occasions and our family ended up adopting two rescue dogs, Halo and Brady.

My commitment to serving our community is evident in my civil service experience.  For six (6) years, I volunteered my time on the State Bar of Nevada Client Security Fund Committee.  This committee strives to return money to people who have paid for legal services to attorneys who have been disbarred, suspended or are no longer able to practice law.  For four (4) years, I also served on the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Panel of the State Bar.  The disciplinary panel holds accountable those attorneys who have committed ethical violations.  During my service, I have chaired many hearings, acting as head of these panels sitting in judgement of the accused attorneys.  Additionally, the State Bar has asked that I mediate several disciplinary matters.

It takes more than being a mere licensed attorney to serve as a fair and balanced judge. It takes a desire to serve, as well as a passion for our community, the law, and the rights of the people of our city.  Local judges and police officers have entrusted the legal representation of their friends and family to me because they know and trust my passion, ethics, experience, and skill.  I want to bring these same qualifications to the service of Henderson by serving as Justice Court Judge for Department 1.

I am asking for your vote.  I am available to answer any questions you may have about my qualifications or my campaign at 702-566-4099 or by email at

Harvey Gruber