After graduating from UCLA and Whittier Law School, where I met my law partner, who was from Henderson,  I decided to make Henderson my home, joining Mayfield & Associates which has since become Mayfield, Gruber & Sheets. For the past 18 years, I have appeared and argued every type of case that would come before the Henderson Justice Court.  With the retirement of Judge Burr, some judges, officers and courthouse employees approached me about running for the position because of my qualifications and experience.

Henderson has been great to me and my family.  I met my beautiful wife Joyce, we have been married for 16 years and have had the pleasure of watching our two great boys grow up in this city.  Our oldest son is a junior at UNLV and his younger brother is a sophomore at Green Valley High School.  As the boys were growing, they became very involved in sports and I volunteered to coach them both for many years.  Eventually, I proudly served on the board of Legacy Little League for 3 years.  We became further involved in community service at our local animal shelter and our family is the proud owner of two rescue dogs, Halo and Brady.

For the last 6 years, I have volunteered my time on the State Bar of Nevada Client Security Fund.  This fund strives to return money to people who paid for legal services to attorneys who have been disbarred, suspended or are no longer able to practice law.  I currently serve as Vice-Chair of the fund.

My commitment to serving our community is evident in my civil service experience.  For the last 2 years, I have also served on the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Panel of the State Bar.  The disciplinary panel holds accountable those attorneys who have committed ethical violations. During my service I have chaired many hearings, acting as head of these panels sitting in judgement of the accused attorneys.  Additionally, the State Bar has asked that I mediate several disciplinary matters.

It takes more than being a licensed attorney to serve as a fair and balanced judge.  It takes a desire to serve, as well as a passion for our community and the law.  Local judges and police officers have entrusted the legal representation of their friends and family to me because they know and trust my passion, ethics, experience and skill.  I want to bring these same qualifications to the service of Henderson by serving as Justice Court Judge in Department 1.

I am looking forward to serving the citizens of Henderson and I am asking for your vote.

Elect Harvey Gruber to the Henderson Justice Court!!!


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